*Update* Currently on hold with all new fitness and nutrition clients. Keep checking in for when new spots open up, thank you!

Fitness and Nutrition Consultation:

During the consultation we will discover-

  • Goals you would like to achieve through fitness and nutrition
  • Which foods you enjoy and do not enjoy
  • Discuss what type of fitness equipment you have access to (gym, home workouts, outside training)
  • Completed via phone, FaceTime, or email

Customized Personal Fitness Plan

  • Reach your unique healthy and fitness goals
  • Learn proper mechanics of each exercises, thus maximizing the efficiency of your workouts
  • Enhance Motivation with an accountability partner

Customized Personal Nutrition Plan

  • Eat nutritious foods that you enjoy
  • Fitness plan based around your personal goals
  • Carbohydrate, protein, and heathy fat intake broken down based upon your stats
  • Three day meal plan
  • Repeat each day twice to have six days total
  • Grocery list for easy shopping!
  • Seventh day is for you to test your knowledge of eating for your new healthier lifestyle!

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