• Chip, San Diego CA-

“Best investment I’ve made in a long time was having Robin help me get my diet on track. She helped me tweak it and made keeping on track really easy by taking into consideration what I like and don’t like to eat and how much time I (don’t) want to spend cooking. It’s like a simple road map I follow each day making it easy to stay on track.

The results were profound within just two weeks. Strength and endurance are up noticeably and recovery times are reduced. I am elated!!!”

  • Jen, New York NY-

“Robin Plotnik Fitness has changed my life.

After experiencing a debilitating knee injury in 2009, I was told I could not dance anymore, I had to do hugely modified workouts at the gym, and I had to quit my restaurant job (which resulted in a huge pay cut).

Robin and I started working out 3 months ago. It had been well over a year since I had worked out regularly. With her positive attitude and endless encouragement, I started working out 4-5 days a week, and feeling so great. With her knowledge and expertise I wasn’t afraid to try new exercises at the gym. I felt safe knowing that she would never let me do anything that would result in injury.

I had never lifted free weights, and now I have the confidence and knowledge to seamlessly negotiate a weight room full or (what I once thought of) intimidation muscular guys. How has this changed my life? I have zero knee pain, and I am once again working not he floor in a restaurant, I have returned to dance class, and I am living a healthy pain-free life and I think I look pretty good too!

What do you want to change about your life? #RobinPlotnikFitnessForever”

  • Tasha, San Diego CA-

“Before working out with Robin, I was’t quite sure what I was doing. I was going to the gym, aimlessly wandering and never seeing true results.

With the help of Robin, I was able to gain the confidence in the gym and finally see the results I was looking for. Robin made working out easy for me and not such an intimidation task. Along with the nutrition plan she has written for me, I was finally able to see muscle building on my body. I am so thankful for being able to meet someone who makes training fun while still getting work done!”

  • Joel, Los Angeles CA-

“I have been a twig my whole life.

For the most part I’ve been able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want it without gaining any kind of weight. Poor baby right? It wasn’t until the year I turned 27 that I started noticing that I wouldn’t be able to keep eating the way I had been without gaining a gut. I wanted to get rid of the guy I had acquired so I began running and eating very little for my body and lifestyle…

This wasn’t the best approach for my body type. I lost my gut! I also lost any muscle I had ever developed. At 6’2 I weighted 151 pounds… That’s what people like to call a string bean.

I reached out to Robin for help. She put together a personal fitness and nutrition plan based on how often I could get into the gym and what kind of food I enjoy.

I’ve been on Robins plan for three months now and I’ve seen amazing results. I’ve gone from 151 pounds to 175 pounds. All weight gained has been only in muscle.

I am in the best shape of my life. Anybody willing to put in the work it takes to look how you want must talk to Robin. She knows exactly how to get you where you want to be.”

  • Tara, New York NY-

“Robin Plotnik¬†Fitness puts the fun back into fitness, with her variety of exercises and interesting, yet delicious eating habits. Before Robin Plotnik Fitness I thought I knew healthy eating. The great thing about Robin she that she takes into consideration the things YOU love to eat, creating a specific diet that fits the special and unique star YOU are!

Combining this new diet and challenging workout flow has made me feel better inside and outside.

#RobinPlotnikFitness #sheknowsherstuff #sweetpotatoes #greekyogurt #peanutbutter”

  • Kathy, New York NY-

“I want to let potential clients and followers know working out with Robin increased my endurance tremendously.

When I started working out with her I couldn’t run a complete three minute song. By the end of our journey, I was steadily running on concrete for at least 40 minutes. This change took place in what? Two months?!

Lets not forget to mention my spaghetti arms after arm day. I actually caught myself checking out my arms when I last worked out with Robin!”