January 26, 2021

Air Fryer Tacos

Yeah, I’m that girl who sticks anything and everything in her air fryer. I wanted crispy tacos last week for lunch and didn’t have time for the oven to heat. That’s when my air fryer casually strolled out of the closet, onto the counter, and started making me tacos. Aren’t air fryers the best?

Air Fryer Tacos (serves 2):

  • 4 corn tortillas (or taco size tortillas of choice. You can also use two regular size tortillas for a quesadilla)
  • Protein of choice (I used shredded chicken but you can use any cooked protein or plant protein)
  • Cheese (I used almond mozzarella cheese from #traderjoes)
  • Roasted veggies of choice (I used leftover roasted carrots, onions, and brussel sprouts)


  • Spray the part of your air fryer basket that the tortillas will sit on, this will prevent them from possibly sticking to the bottom.
  • Warm your tortillas slightly on the stove top or microwave. Fill your tortillas with goodies and place in your air fryer. My air fryer can fit four!
  • Cook at 400°F for 4-5 minutes, or as long as your air fryer takes to make the tacos crispy. Be sure to flip half way to crisp both sides.
  • Serve with jalapeño sauce and cilantro!

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